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What the Parents Say

Here are some of the things parents have said about our school. We’re proud of all that we achieve, and are pleased that parents see it too.

Here are some of the things parents have said about our school. We’re proud of all that we achieve, and are pleased that parents see it too.


“We just wanted to say a brief thank you very much for a really informative and thorough visit around the school. It is a very beautiful and joyous, spirited place. I couldn’t believe it when we saw that ALL the children we saw were engaged and fully present in what they were doing!”

“Thank you very much for your kind email and warm welcome. We are very excited and happy to be part of Coleridge school community, our son is very happy at school and he loves his teacher and friends. My wife and I were both at the Year Group coffee morning, and we enjoyed hearing about all the information about the school and its programmes.”

“It’s really hard to find the words to express how much we enjoyed the school play this year, and also how overwhelmed we are by the effort and energy that the teachers have put into this wonderful experience over the last few weeks and months. We loved the enormous ambition behind the costumes, the dances, the lighting, the dancing, the singing, the script, the props, the backdrop. We loved seeing all that creativity and all that talent.”

And in verse

Fittingly for a school named after a poet, one parent was even moved to compose a poem about the Coleridge experience. Kind words, thank you!


“There is something very special about the Coleridge way,
Always smiling, happy children inspired through the day,
Set over two sites on the leafy hills of Crouch End,
Community and learning come together to blend.

Each staff member devoted to every child’s cause,
Through nurture and teaching and language as course.
Such a wide range of talent in every teaching sphere,
From English, Maths, Sport and Art to Music, Life peers.
Always diverse and creative, always striving for more,
To opening wonderful avenues for children to explore.

To celebrating Cultures, to the Winter Bazaar,
To the captivating school play, to the children superstars.
To the wonderful music, to the dazzling frocks,
To the amazing parent helpers and the fabulous back drop.

To the Dance Off, The Sing Off, The Art shows, Summer Fair,
To the Choir, to the Orchestra, to the Sports clubs, always flair!

To the Young leaders and Buddies, to tea with the Head,
To the Forest school, to the Tournaments, always one step ahead.

There is something for everyone, this stands paramount,
Rounded, confident children aspiring throughout.

The children are the lucky ones to have learnt the Coleridge way,
Such a wonderfully rich start in life to set on their way.

Coleridge will always hold a dear place in our heart,
A bespoke haven for learning, thriving Children depart.”