Important: Always check the age restrictions on any type of social media. You should never use sites or apps that aren't age appropriate!

We have created an E-Safety page to help children realise how hurtful and serious cyberbullying can be, and that cyber bullying is not ok and does have consequences. On our page you can find different scenarios and advice about what to do if this ever happens to you!

Cyberbullying is Still Bullying

In this video we have demonstrated two different forms of bullying. In the first scene bullying took place face to face, whereas in the second scene cyberbullying took place on social media. We wanted to show how both forms of bullying are equally serious, yet cyberbullying is often not taken as seriously.

We also wanted people to recognise how important it is to be nice on the Internet and to think about how you would feel if you were bullied. Please don't bully as you don't know how hurtful it can be.

Left Out

Left Out

Please be considerate of what you say and do on social media sites - people might feel excluded and left out.


If you get cyberbullied then do these 3 essential steps:

  1. Tell a trusted adult like a parent or a teacher
  2. Block or mute the bully so you can't see their message again
  3. Report them

DON'T give out personal information like your full name and age.

DO keep your account private.

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