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Governor Visits Our Sponsored Child in Zanzibar

Governor Visits Our Sponsored Child in Zanzibar

This summer, our family were lucky enough to have a holiday in Zanzibar! We took the opportunity to visit Zulekha, the little girl that Coleridge sponsors to put through her education. The school is known as KINS (Kiwengwa International Nursery School) and has classes from Nursery up to Year 6. Zulekha is now 6 years old and was excited to meet us. Our youngest son Zack is also 6 and was particularly interested to find out about what school was like for her.

It was wonderful to see how happy she is and to meet her teachers. On the day we visited, the school were practising for their summer show so we managed to see the children singing and dancing and they were brilliant.

It was interesting to see the things the school has in common with Coleridge, such as great teachers and a creative curriculum. It is much smaller than Coleridge with only 35-40 children in total and Zulekha was surprised to hear that our school was so big! We enjoyed seeing her smile so much, listening to her speak some English and watching her fantastic skipping.

Zulekha also had a visit a week later from another Coleridge family, and they loved meeting her too.

We feel very fortunate that we were able to see where the money (that is collected in buckets, during a chilly December after the school play) goes and to understand how much this helps Zulekha.

Lorraine Gerrard (mum of Zack, Ethan and Louis)