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Extra Curricular

Here you can find out more information about our extra curricular activities we offer.


The school operates a number of activities that enrich the curriculum and are enjoyed by all the children. These activities include outings for all year groups and invitations to artists and drama groups to come into school. There is an annual residential trip for Year 6 pupils. The cost of these activities is met by parental contribution with any shortfall in funds traditionally having been met by “Coleridge Families”.

School Choir

We have a lot of talented singers here at Coleridge, and as well as our regular choir club, we often put together a special choir to perform at events and enter competitions.

Sports Zone

During the school holidays, we run additional sports activities to help keep your children active.


At Coleridge we offer a wide range of extra curricular clubs, including sports, games and arts.

School Council

The School Council is a democratically elected body of children who meet to discuss how best to improve the school and children’s learning.

Bus Stop Buddies

At Coleridge we have a Year 6 peer mediation and support programme for all children in the playground, called the Bus Stop Buddies.

Counselling Service

When children are worried or unhappy they are less able to function well in all areas of their lives. This can impact on their learning, their relationships and on how they feel about themselves.

Forest School

Forest School is concerned with process rather than an end product. Where bushcraft is about only teaching skills or making a ‘thing’, Forest School is about the things people learn along the way. Sessions are regular and long term so that learning takes place over a period of time. This gives learners time to develop social skills and respect for their natural surroundings.