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The Coleridge Curriculum

Here you can find out more information about the Coleridge Curriculum.


Coleridge offers a broad, balanced and creative English curriculum, focussed on achieving excellent standards in reading, writing and communication in all learners.


Learning maths is like building a tower; children must have firm foundations and acquire specific building blocks in a certain order. If any of these blocks of understanding are missing, then the tower is shaky and can be toppled at any time with the presentation of new challenges or concepts.


In science, we are trying to develop the next generation of inquiring minds by giving them the skills to analyse and explore.

Computing & E-Safety

Being able to use technology effectively, and safely, is a vital skill in the modern world.

Home Learning

Our current home learning assignments for each year group can be found here.


Here at Coleridge we believe that thinking is the key to developing curious and independent questioners.

Sex, Drug and Alcohol Education

During the summer term, children at Coleridge undertake lessons in Sex and Relationship Education (SRE), and Drug and Alcohol education (DAE). The lessons allow your child to learn about these subjects in a safe, informative and age-appropriate way.


At Coleridge, we aim to give children a life long love of sport. and often compete against other local schools in competitions.

Topic Learning

Topic learning at Coleridge opens a door to the world.

The Arts

The Arts are thriving at the heart of our school. At Coleridge, our intention is to inspire and stimulate children’s creativity and imagination through the creative arts, which is central to our teaching and learning.

The Library

Reading is an important part of any good education, and here at Coleridge we encourage our students to read for pleasure, and to learn about the world around them.

Values Education

At Coleridge Primary we want our children to understand what it is to be a good citizen, to have a thorough understanding of freedom, equality, and fairness.