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News stories from Coleridge Primary School

Governors Update October 2015

Governing Body The GB were given a presentation by the Head Teacher covering the vision for the year and for the school:  This year’s School Development Plan (SDP) covers: Values and Citizenship Computing Reading Science There will be link governors for each SPD area. Governors…

Victorian School

On Tuesday morning, Year 2 arrived at school to find that their classrooms had travelled back in time to the Victorian era. Children came in and sat at their desks and were surprised to find their teachers were a little stricter than normal. The children...

Welcome to our new website!

It doesn’t seem that long ago when, as a newly qualified teacher, the blackboard was the central feature of my classroom. There wasn’t a day when I didn’t come home from school with chalk on my clothes or in what was left of my hair….

Google Competition

Over the summer, Mrs Goodey had the opportunity to visit the Google UK offices and set up a link with a member of staff there. Last week in junior assembly, we set up a live chat with the Google employee who launched our Junior Google competition to the children….

Black History Month

This weekend, I was reading an article written by Benjamin Zephaniah. In it, he argued that, despite feelings that society has progressed towards greater racial equality, in actual fact, we have not come nearly far enough. He suggests that Black History Month is a symptom…