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News stories from Coleridge Primary School

Emotional Intelligence And Fantastic Mr Fox

On a recent tour, showing prospective parents around the school, I was asked what I felt Coleridge’s greatest strength was. I answered, that while we have high expectations for our children academically, we place equal, if not greater, importance on the development of the whole…

Year 1 See Noah’s Ark

1B and 1R went to see the brilliant Go Noah Go! at The Little Angel Theatre this week. The children had a great time watching the Noah's Ark story acted out by puppets and two wonderful actors. They got to join in with singing (to...

Year 5 Take To The Airwaves

In Year 5, we have been learning about persuasive writing in our English lessons. We listened to a lot of radio adverts and found many persuasive techniques such as rhetorical questions, imperatives and superlatives. Listen to some of our radio adverts – are you convinced?...

Year 2 And The Mega Tetrahedron

This half term, Year 2 have been learning about structures. On Tuesday 21st November, children had the opportunity to make their own structures as they took part in an architecture workshop. Children were shown how to make small tetrahedrons using long sticks and rubber bands....

Nursery Play With Ice

After Miss Goodey discovered ice on her car this morning, we decided to investigate how ice is made and where it comes from. The Nursery children have been doing experiments to find out where the ice will melt the quickest!

Year 5 Try African Drumming

As part of Black History Month in October, Year 5 took part in African drumming workshops with Ben Edwards. The children learnt about different types of African drums and some were able to perform in an assembly later in the week.