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Bug Busting

Bug Busting

Our school community need to work together to do some serious ‘Bug-busting’.

We have lots of children feeling miserable because they always have an itchy head. We have many families frustrated because they treat their child’s head lice, only for their child to be infested yet again, shortly afterwards, by a friend at school.

As we near the end of this term, this is an ideal time to start having a head lice blitz as if everyone commits to checking their child’s hair over the two week holiday, Coleridge will hopefully be lice free.

To break the cycle we need everyone to check their child’s hair and check all family members, as the lice may have crawled from person to person. Please regularly check for any eggs or lice.

For more information, click here to read this leaflet, or click on the link below.

Thank you for your cooperation.