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Home Learning

Our current home learning assignments for each year group can be found here.

Our current home learning assignments for each year group can be found here.

Home Learning

We understand that people have differing views about homework and that for some families, it can be a source of friction in the home. For this reason, completion of our home learning activities is optionalyou can do as little or as much as you like!

If you do wish to take part in our home learning, then please click on the year groups below, where you will find a selection of varied and exciting exercises relevant to your child.


If you wish to read a rationale for our current home learning policy, please click here.

Activities and Games ­– various games and activities to practise the basic skills. These have been given star ratings: 1 star for more accessible activities, up to 3 stars for those that are more challenging.

MyMathsaccess to a school-subscribed website that provides further opportunities to consolidate key skills. Instant feedback is given, allowing both parent and child to monitor their progress as they go. Your child will shortly be given log in details for this website, which you can view by following this link.

Going Deeper – a more challenging activity to stretch children who have already mastered the basics outlined in the Home Learning document. These activities look to develop your child’s reasoning and mathematical thinking skills.

Wonderful Websites – links to other fun games.

Year 1: Each term, the home learning will alternate between Phonics Fun and Take One Book. With Phonics Fun, all tasks will be based around one group of letters and sounds. They will be designed to help children read, write and spell the sounds. With Take One Book, the activities will focus on one particular type of book or poem. They will encourage the children to really think about the focus text, exploring it through a variety of activities and games.

Year 2: This follows a similar pattern to Year 1, with a couple of extra additions. Home learning will alternate between Phonics Fun, Take One Book, and Grammar Fun.  Phonics Fun in Year 2 will have an added I can spell section, with words containing the focus letter sounds for the children to learn to spell. These will be divided into three different levels of challenge. With Grammar Fun, the children will be given a variety of grammar and punctuation activities, designed to help consolidate the key grammar skills taught in Year 2.

Year 3 & 4: Home learning will focus on one particular book or poem: all activities will be connected to this text. There will be a series of games designed to deepen the children’s understanding of, and enrich their thinking about, a specific style of book or poem. There will also be interconnected writing and grammar activities, to help further consolidate key skills being taught in Year 3 and Year 4.

Year 5 & 6: Home learning will follow the same format each half term. There will be a Let’s write… section, which will provide the children with an exciting stimulus to inspire them to plan, and write, their own piece of creative or factual writing. There will also be five different grammar and punctuation activities. These will be rated using a star system, one star denoting an accessible level of challenge, two stars denoting something a little harder, and three stars denoting a more complex level of challenge.

Please see the document below for home learning for Nursery this half term.

 Nursery Spring 2